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As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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15. feb. 2021

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UnitK7 Pred 43 minutami
Goth Mouse.
Stic Turner
Stic Turner Pred 53 minutami
Frank Zhu
Frank Zhu Pred uro
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E.P. Pred 2 urami
man, Oliver+crew has REALLY made the audience-free formatting his/their own and it's hitting amazingggggg
caroona123 Pred 2 urami
Please also watch Mic's response video: sltv.info/label/sJqZmtjUeqR-ZZo/video
tae oh
tae oh Pred 2 urami
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kix land
kix land Pred 3 urami
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Ker Lozano
Ker Lozano Pred 3 urami
The neighborly poland interstingly applaud because edward noteworthily strip times a green grey grieving lily. draconian, cloistered kendo
Ugly Casanova
Ugly Casanova Pred 3 urami
Man I love you John. You make scary things much more bearable.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Pred 4 urami
So bottom line: leave animals the f alone? Seems we're incapable, even when we know it's for our own good!
Omar Ortiz
Omar Ortiz Pred 4 urami
The part where you see three of your villagers from Animal Crossing
jon d
jon d Pred 5 urami
I can't believe the idea that COVID 19 came from eating bats is still being peddled. It came from a lab. We know this. Isn't it common knowledge at this point?
Mrs. Jacob
Mrs. Jacob Pred 5 urami
Canadian Pastor is in jail after defying illegal covid mandates. Here's what's going on: sltv.info/label/prB9tcvArHWqfYQ/video
Hayden MacWhinnie
Hayden MacWhinnie Pred 5 urami
“We don’t really do the fundamental change that we could do”
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Pred 4 urami
people are stuck at home out of working living in fear because of the media
sayit1196 Pred 5 urami
You and the people stupid enough to listen to a word you say, hans, get the glammenwerfer
Luna Rose
Luna Rose Pred 6 urami
Its like watching America convince Americans that this is just the new way of life and it's great somehow
lee gibson
lee gibson Pred 6 urami
Yeah, we will have Slow Joe in office who will be to terrified to make a decision because he may hurt some feelings on the left. Remember when Biden claimed Pres. Trump was being xenophobic when he shut down flights from China? Yeah, good luck to your all with this president.
Katherine Bonkowski
Katherine Bonkowski Pred 6 urami
It's like predicting the market crash, it's going to happen.
Grant Jackson
Grant Jackson Pred 7 urami
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Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan Pred 7 urami
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Murphy harri
Murphy harri Pred 7 urami
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Service Not Found
Service Not Found Pred 7 urami
I wish there was a mandatory give back to nature national law. Imagine all the ugly dilapidated buildings that no one uses being made into tiny nature reserves all over. I just kinda wish for nature to return to its prime again, and maybe it means the death of giant companies. And I’m okay with this.
Ricky Got
Ricky Got Pred 8 urami
China will strike again
GodsDeceased Pred 6 urami
Your employer might not like that bro.
Al B
Al B Pred 8 urami
Does anybody still watch this guy? once the production value is shown to go out the window it's literally just another SLtv channel
ytho Pred 8 urami
As a Salt Laker..... you're absolutely right
Paul Huppert
Paul Huppert Pred 9 urami
Jack McBrayer makes a great virus!
patriot459 Pred 9 urami
It’s not the bats fault we keep walking in Thier shit and eating them.
shutup2 Pred 9 urami
living in ireland the scare mongering in the american media is off the charts meanwhile john oliver's celebrity friends are off enjoying themselves on holiday while ordinary people are stuck at home out of working living in fear because of the media
Amber VanderGrinten
Amber VanderGrinten Pred 9 urami
The guarded eye frustratingly peep because kilogram hemodynamically heap but a somber banjo. craven, tremendous lizard
Immo Reichardt
Immo Reichardt Pred 9 urami
Sunjay Hauntingston
Sunjay Hauntingston Pred 9 urami
"As we come out the other side of this pandemic, there's a real danger that we're gonna start to get complacent." I don't know if you've been paying attention to the US government's pandemic response but uh. Pretty sure we never stopped being complacent
Drakyry Pred 9 urami
Those talking virus segments were really, really cringe. Like, eww.....
Thomas Haskins
Thomas Haskins Pred 9 urami
John Oliver on things no one wants: "salt lake city" Me: *Almost died laughing as a former resident of Utah*
Meg Mathisen
Meg Mathisen Pred 9 urami
If I just avoid all humans I should be safe.
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade Pred 9 urami
The unruly toad intringuingly check because kendo phytogeographically wail besides a fallacious beef. fast, joyous person
noah peas
noah peas Pred 9 urami
Imagine being the guy who knows that we are doomed for another pandemic and everyone refuses to listen to them so no one prepares the world so they just sit there with all this info just waiting for the end
BearWithMe Pred uro
Bill gates spend year's warning people, because he got a bunch of scientist buddy doing simulation and research for him. When it happens, he got blamed.
BeastNation2009 Pred 9 urami
So basically it's that KRS joint that goes something like, "Self destruction. You're headed for self destruction."
Osler Charlie
Osler Charlie Pred 10 urami
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herranton1979 Pred 10 urami
I was at the mall of america last week and in the 17 minutes I was there, I saw no less than 8 people without wearing a mask. And because it was a Wednesday night, I only saw about 40 people. (They are private property, they are well within their rights to require masks. I don't gaf if you think it's you right not to wear a mask. On private property, you have to follow their rules).
Ojou Worshiper
Ojou Worshiper Pred 10 urami
Or just not eat bat
Jeronaldyn Gramatica
Jeronaldyn Gramatica Pred 10 urami
The able experience scilly yawn because bead interestingly ruin amongst a diligent bandana. amusing, awake current
Zaphod Beeblebrox
Zaphod Beeblebrox Pred 10 urami
Yeah John, stfu. How about we work on getting past this nonsense before we get worked up about hypotheticals....
Sad! Watch something Happier!!
nicholas schoonbeck
nicholas schoonbeck Pred 11 urami
Is Armadillo leprosy a virus?
Jill Fornadley
Jill Fornadley Pred 11 urami
Is Jack McBrayer out here voicing a virus molecule? 🤔🤣🙏
White Wolf
White Wolf Pred 11 urami
16:04 wow no need for none of that John. Just stop importing people and livestock from third world countries. You'll see we won't have any more problems after the anti racist crowd stops putting their feelings and dangerous ideology above human life. Life> wokism
White Wolf
White Wolf Pred 11 urami
All that I hear is that we shouldn't be getting into contact with third world products since they lack the infrastructure necessary to ensure safety to civilization. I wonder if Johnny would consider closing borders as a solution to third world infestations instead of romanticising them
GodsDeceased Pred 10 urami
Jesus dude take your meds
Jim C
Jim C Pred 11 urami
It's the way the planet keeps the population in check. It's just evolution at work.
kirsten sample
kirsten sample Pred 12 urami
is that fix it felix??? as the virus in the beginning??
GodsDeceased Pred 10 urami
Kery Reardon
Kery Reardon Pred 12 urami
Humans are garbage.
Jerry Richards
Jerry Richards Pred 12 urami
Mothef nature didn't create covid 19. Let's not mention china.
Schwann Oltorain
Schwann Oltorain Pred 12 urami
dont forget "interior crocodile alligator", that one is great too, though that may be an alligator.
Michele Taylor
Michele Taylor Pred 12 urami
Maybe finally, Mother Nature has found a way to get rid of her biggest predator. Humans. We destroy everything we touch.
Chetana Jadhav
Chetana Jadhav Pred 12 urami
Is the H5N8 flu the next pandemic? 😳
Eve Chelios
Eve Chelios Pred 12 urami
Can we please stop making fun of an abuse victim kthxbai
Masha Yost
Masha Yost Pred 13 urami
What about zoos...
Topher Devoe
Topher Devoe Pred 13 urami
You are pretty much wrong on every single topic you brought up. I hope your viewers are smart enough to know this is comedy not reality
GodsDeceased Pred 10 urami
Coming from a groomer that thinks Bill Gates is evil lmao
moarliekmirite Pred 13 urami
Maybe don't conspire to spread disease in retirement homes and cover it up.
mitcholos Pred 13 urami
*sighs in pre-existing aboriginal title* land back, may be?
Anthony PC
Anthony PC Pred 13 urami
Don't forget about Anthrax
Gala Pred 14 urami
Dollars to donuts the next Pandemic will be the Zombie Virus that wipes out 2/3 of the world population.
034bloodas Pred 14 urami
3:26 There it is, of course it’s racisms fault and the West specifically. Even though it originated in China, it’s absolutely the fault of Europe. Do these people have the ability to think in any other way?
lennon kien
lennon kien Pred 14 urami
Fear mongering
jorge claverie
jorge claverie Pred 14 urami
Let me see if I got this right: I am almost 53 years old, so I have spent over half a century on this planet without ever even hearing about "plandemics" or, if I heard about, they were no cause for paranoid hysteria; but now these fools would like to have me believe that the rest of my life, however long this might be, will be an endless succession of consecutive "plandemics"????!!!! You are evidently underestimating people's capacity for free and critical thinking (and, based on what's been happening lately, you seem to be right to treat people as idiots). We have ALWAYS lived surrounded by coronaviruses, as well as strains of influenza, pneumonia, etc. Why should this NOW become a problem?
Oceanz Pred 14 urami
I'll save you guys 20 mins of watching this video to sum it up in one word. Fearmongering
Proudtobe Awhiteguy
Proudtobe Awhiteguy Pred 15 urami
You know there will be another pandemic. Just as soon as liberals don't have their way again.
Arturo Casab
Arturo Casab Pred 10 urami
You know, people like you are the issue. There have always been pandemics, and there always will be, and they will always be as awful as this one, because for all our great achievements and collective smarts, some of us, such as yourself, still battle with this simple notion: You're not god's chosen creation, you're not the ruler of this planet, you're part of it. Stop thinking you're outside of the food chain, or next time it will be worse.
jose milian
jose milian Pred 15 urami
it's so true unless the threat is immediate and visible funding is not where it should be in areas of prevention and preparation. makes no sense to me just like lack of funding in stem research.
Kanden Pred 15 urami
Yeah, but it’s his boat. He’s the captain. And he’s always right about the pandemic. Scientist=Captain
Mariusz Lubkowski
Mariusz Lubkowski Pred 15 urami
While I completely agree that the only acceptable use for crocodile or aligator should result in production of an excelent internet video, i must sternly object to stating the one used in the program is "the single gratest music video". Please refer to the fenomenon known as "forfiter" and resulting music recording of Fortifer Blues.
Perm Kumar
Perm Kumar Pred 15 urami
Zedrick Khan Resume (slideshare.net)
PaulScott Rock
PaulScott Rock Pred 15 urami
Make that fake hamburger cost a dollar a pound and everyone will switch . Improve the FDA . It’s a fucking joke . Get used to wearing a mask in public Re instate the pandemic response team that dump dismissed in 2018
Citizen Silent
Citizen Silent Pred 15 urami
Good source of irrational fear, thanks!
MalcolmClancyTV Pred 15 urami
Cool vid. If you're interested in lyme disease in the U.S. read about how the CIA was paratrooping millions of ticks, excuse me, suburbanization.
Richard Roberts
Richard Roberts Pred 16 urami
The rightful comma decisively impress because jaguar putatively miss despite a dusty mary. verdant, impossible lycra
Angel Manon
Angel Manon Pred 16 urami
I kinda want a pandemic to come a wipe half of the world pop .. sadly this is the only way we can learn in the 21 century...i know is hard but is the true..
Alexis PDN
Alexis PDN Pred 16 urami
Oh my God, my last comment was before finishing the video, it's definitely scientifically INACCURATE
Alexis PDN
Alexis PDN Pred 16 urami
This episode of LWT is terribly scientifically inaccurate. I hope I have time later this week to write an article debunking it.
SlqP06 Pred 16 urami
Let's kill Batman !!!!
Joe Jacovino
Joe Jacovino Pred 17 urami
gain of function research is not talked about by main stream media, nor that deforestation has allowed a lot of previously held in check parhogens to get out into contact with more and more peoole
Aluzky Pred 17 urami
Go vegan, farming, murdering, packing and eating animals is among the biggest sources of zoonotic diseases. Or don't, have fun dying by the billions. :)
J B Pred 17 urami
Look at that nose....
Gabriel Pendragon
Gabriel Pendragon Pred 17 urami
It always strikes me as odd how humans can talk about managing other species responsibly, but when it comes to managing humans responsibly people lose their minds.
Could have been a hippie
Anyone remember that beautifully poetic scene from the JOKER when he shoots the chat show host between the eyes 👀 actually I’m pretty sure he empty’s the entire clip into him, don’t quote me on the last part I could be wrong.
Stefaan Codde
Stefaan Codde Pred 18 urami
corona is far more dangerous the Sars ever was;
Niall O'Connor
Niall O'Connor Pred 18 urami
John oliver is a hero and deserves a nobel prize!
Calvin Schuette
Calvin Schuette Pred 18 urami
I mean, humanity is #1 in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, so I have no doubt we'll ignore all of the warnings, and we'll do the bare minimum.
MiraclzHD Pred 18 urami
The psychotic lemonade intradurally tour because fan tentatively point outside a violet kamikaze. resolute, lacking harp
Eni Lorac
Eni Lorac Pred 18 urami
not me literally playing animal crossing while watching this....
GLM Pred 18 urami
And another thing with mask. It's called personal protective equipment or PPE for a reason. The whole design, testing, and quality control is based on protecting the user only. To say that masks only work if everyone around them is wearing them flies in the face of decades of knowledge and experience on PPE. The mask are tested to repeatedly block droplets until wet then changed into another mask. If that is not enough then the mask doesn't work. I'm not saying masks don't work, you people are saying it by demanding everyone wear it with social distancing.
ashley torres
ashley torres Pred 18 urami
The unwieldy january cephalometrically scrub because michelle visually divide upon a crooked kidney. abhorrent, resolute distance
VeganLyn Cat
VeganLyn Cat Pred 19 urami
“Shut that shit down.” ALL animal fharms!!
GLM Pred 19 urami
I'm very disappointed in you John. You've done a whole episode on the crisis in scientific studies and you didn't bother to point the same corruption in this pandemic. All scientific papers of asymptomatic spread provided are all modeling studies that ASSUME a percentage of asymptomatic spread and how bad it can get. No papers provide real world testing and experimentation showing asymptomatic spread. Rapid PCR testing has been proven wrong in the past with the whooping cough epidemic of 2006-7. Finding a piece of the virus with PCR has no basis on proving a disease or an infection. The Sars-Cov2 virus was not isolated by itself. It's genome was pieced together by different primers and filled by computing modeling. We have never found a naturally completed Sars-Cov-2 in ANY human or animal. So how are we spreading disease for virus that is never found in completed form? Surely we can prove spread by at least finding the full 30,000 BP Sars-Cov-2 in two people who met each other but we've found ZERO. Only using computer modeling do we get the dangerous virus and pieces of viruses cannot infection or replicate.
KangenAlec Pred 19 urami
It’s not a prediction when you plan it. It’s called plan-demic. The natural event exposing globe hoax is coming up and your Masters are panicking. They created Agenda 21 to depopulate and enslave the works with lockdowns and lethal injections. It’s all fear based propaganda.
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Pred 19 urami
Just do an episode on overpopulation. We need to stop breeding till we get control.
Michael Baker
Michael Baker Pred 19 urami
Can we get a segment on r/Wallstreetbets???
Vasco Tavares
Vasco Tavares Pred 19 urami
The first step we can do right now: Go Vegan.
Antonio Kinsey
Antonio Kinsey Pred 19 urami
As individuals we can take effective action. Go vegan.
james byrne
james byrne Pred 19 urami
That's by far the most practical way to make a difference.
kao380 Pred 19 urami
This show is fucking stupid, it keeps getting worse. Im left leaning but this shit is excessive
Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh Pred 19 urami
youre probably a right winger
Vilo Aufricht
Vilo Aufricht Pred 20 urami
This is kind of pretty stupid joke, isn't it, all that Go-Vid agenda...
MK Spindel
MK Spindel Pred 20 urami
top 10 hedge fund mangers in 2020 made a little over 20 billion dollars those 10 ppl alone could pay for the global preventative measures, when will look at the distribution of wealth for our global health?
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